Label Printing – Old vs New

Label Printing has changed a lot in the last decade.

The Old Way

label-roomOne of the old ways of managing label printing was to print shells and later overprint variable data using a thermal printer. This gives a certain amount of flexibility, however, the downside quickly outweighs the positives: difficulty to make changes, storage costs and waste.
A second way to print labels has been to fully pre-print labels in large quantities and store the materials in a label room or area.

With both methods, the more SKUs a company has, the more space is required. Suddenly, you are paying hundreds and hundreds of dollars every month in wasted real estate taking up room that could be better used. This strategy works until a change is introduced.With today’s rapidly changing marketplace, A/B testing, increased customer engagement through image or logo changes and updated descriptions or necessity for variable data on the label, suddenly the old label printing model is thrown out the window.

If you find that you want to discontinue an item or want to make a change to your label artwork, once you throw away half of the labels on the shelf, all of a sudden that 6 or 7 cent label now truly costs you 12 or 14 cents…not to mention the previous costs for storage, inventory management costs, etc. This could add another 1 or 2 cents to the cost of your labels.

The New WayEpson ColorWorks Printers - C3500 and C7500G

Pacific Barcode Label Printing Solutions has helped many companies to address these problems by introducing new high-speed inkjet label printing technologies such as the Epson ColorWorks C3500 or the ColorWorks C7500.

Both of these printers allow you to print labels Just-In-Time and as fast as 12 inches per second. Using these printers is as easy as printing to your office printer.

With fast drying pigment-based ink-jet inks and a variety of label materials, these inks are vibrant, waterproof and fade resistant.  Labels are available directly from Pacific Barcode in a variety of standard and custom die-cut shapes too.

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Epson ColorWOrks C3500 Pigment Based PrinterEpson C3500

Epson’s ColorWorks C3500 is ideal for high-mix, low-volume applications and features print speeds up to up to 4 inches/second, a banding reduction mode, a nozzle check system and more.

Rear-feed capability for fanfold and large rolls. A true work-horse.

Epson C7500

Epson ColorWorks C7500 Label PrinterEpson’s Colorworks C7500 production printer is a fast, full-color heavy label printer for Just In Time Color printing of large print jobs and jobs with tight time windows.

High-speed, on-demand, with variable data up to 11.8″ per second.