Counters provide a convenient way to ascertain the number of labels on a roll.

Label Counters provide a quick and easy way to count the number of labels on a roll. These “Gap Sensing” Counters detect the gap in-between each label. The Stand Alone units can be placed at the output of your printer allowing you to count the labels as they are printed. A Rewinder will be needed to wind up the labels after they have been counted.

Off-Line Counting can be done with either a Counting Package or a self contained Reel-To-Reel unit. Both units allow you to count the number of labels on a given roll, make large rolls of labels into smaller ones or change the direction of the labels coming off the roll.

With an unmatched 3-Year Parts and Labor Limited Warranty, all LABELMATE USA Counters are designed for worry-free 24/7 operation. LABELMATE USA Counters are easy to set up and silent in operation.